LATTAFA SHAMOUKH Thameen Collection ➔ Arabic perfume



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Gently touch the fragrances that have been created to stir your senses and give a sense of travelling to the oriental world - the fragrances that belong to LATTAFA SHAMOUKH Thameen Collection.

These perfumes are nothing less than a twisted wonder of Orientalism, whose composition hides the whole magic of Eastern fragrances. Oriental-spicy scents are like a soft, but unprecedented promise, the unfulfillment of which would be the biggest sin.

Discover the brightest constellation of spices - effervescent, glittering, radiating so many different, but harmoniously matching brides. It reveals extraordinarily wonderful and tempting images that allure and captivate.

Balsamic shade, like a sweet, deeply darkening dream, mysteriously and mystically leads to philosophical reflections. It invites your mind and heart to plunge into an unusually vibrant and dynamic journey.

The perfume also reveals a floral background, which envelops and fascinates with its subtlety and luxury. It plays with your olfactory senses, spreading an inexhaustible kaleidoscope of floral scents.

The sensuality and vitality of these perfumes are enhanced by the warmth of amber. Its sandy tones give warmth and love to these perfumes, which become like a soft and warm touch of skin illusion.

The composition is completed by a woody shade, which gives depth and maturity to the entire symphony of fragrances. It is the strong and tangible foundation that provides stability and completion.

The distinctive LATTAFA SHAMOUKH Thameen Collection perfumes are a work of creativity, harmony, and love that will truly inspire and captivate your heart. Experience this unusual world of fragrances that can touch your inner essence and give a new perspective on life.

Top notes: floral mix, oriental spices.

Heart notes: vanilla, coriander, saffron.

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, amber, balsamic.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully match the images displayed.

Name Value
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume Unisex
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: Lattafa Perfumes
Heart note: Saffron
Heart note: White flowers
Heart note: Spices
Heart note: Coriander
Basic notes: Vanilla
Basic notes: Santal
Basic notes: Amber
Volume: 30ml
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