Barakkat rouge 540 (Baccarat Rouge 540) Arabic oil perfume 10ml

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The main sound of the perfume is oriental floral notes. the fragrance opens with unique refined jasmine notes that caress the nose and make you dizzy. The frantic floral mood is enhanced by the sharp, delicate aftertaste of saffron.

After a while, you can feel the unfolding of the heart notes of golden amber and gray amber, reminiscent of the hot sunny mysterious countries of the East. They give the perfume warmth, sophistication and richness. The main note of the fragrance consists of a pungent, persistent aroma of fir resin and a delicate, warm white cedar.

Barakkat Perfume

MARABIKA perfume is from the original UAE manufacturers and fully corresponds to the photos.

Name Value
Top note Jasmine
Perfume concentration Oil perfume
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin Dubai (UAE)
Manufacturer Fragrance World
Heart note Saffron
Basic notes Amber
Basic notes Cedar
Basic notes Spruce
Volume 10ml

Evelina I.

2022-07-27 15:11:59


Asta N.

2022-03-15 14:02:15

Nutariau išbandyti ką nors naujo.Kvapas neįprastas,bet kuo toliau tuo labiau patinka.Rekomenduoju.

Indra K.

2022-03-11 19:15:50

Super kvapas! Rekomenduoju kaip pardavėjus, labai greitai atsiunčia, malonus aptarnavimas!!!