Suave ➔ (Dior SAUVAGE) ➔ Arabic perfume

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Suave is an Arabic fragrance inspired by Fragrance world, which enchants everyone with its courage, power, and individuality. It is a true elite composition, suitable for both young and mature men who like to subtly but brightly highlight their individuality.

At the start of Suave's scent, passionate bergamot rings out, like a debut note, whose freshness is reflected in a wonderful harmony of anise and piquant Chinese pepper. It's like an opening chord that excites the senses and arouses curiosity.

The fragrance continues with the scent of sweet lavender and velvety nutmeg, creating a truly luxurious perfume chord. They seem to reinforce the scent notes, which gain an ever-increasing sensual tempo and provide vitality to the composition.

The climax of Suave consists of a duet of ambergris and coquettish vanilla. They sound like the final chords that end this musical perfume composition, giving it playfulness and appeal. The ambergris seems to give the scent power and courage, while the vanilla softens the entire composition and adds a certain softness and sophistication.

Suave is a bold, freedom-loving, and unusually charming scent that can truly leave an indelible mark on your memory. It is a perfume that allows you to express yourself and feel confident. This fragrance is a real expression of men's charisma.

Top notes: Black pepper, Calabrian bergamot.

Heart notes: Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli, and Vetiver.

Base notes: White cedar, Ambergris, and Labdanum.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to the photos.

Name Value
Top note: Bergamot
Top note: Lavender
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume for men
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Is it possible to purchase a sample?: Yes, online - 3ml sample
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Heart note: Pepper
Heart note: Pelargoniums
Basic notes: Cedar
Basic notes: Patchouli
Basic notes: Vetiver
Basic notes: Labdanum
Volume: 100ml
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Agnė A.

2023-09-05 09:37:50

Kvapas 50/50. Į Dior Sauvage bent jau man nepanašus.


2022-09-30 11:12:21

Užsakiau šiuos kvepalus savo sūnui dovanų, tai gavau kvepaliukus supakuotus gražiai (nors nebuvau pažymėjus,kad supakuotų kaip dovaną) ir dar prie kvepalų buvo dezodorantas.Kvapas tikrai labai ilgai išliekantis. O apie kolektyva šnekant, tai jų operatyvumas neraliai superinis, užsakiau per pietus kitą dieną anksti ryte jau buvo paštomate:) aiūūūūūūūū kiek pirkau pas jus kvepalų tiek kartų ir neprašoviau su kvapais. sėkmės jums

Indrė K.

2022-09-27 18:51:40

Puikus kvapas.Ir labai puiki parduotuvė!Kainos puikios.Aptarnavimas super!

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