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Base notes

Oak moss

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The fragrance is ideal for cheerful, charming, gentle young ladies and purposeful, active, cheerful representatives of the stronger sex. The freshness of green bergamot is beautifully highlighted here by fruity accords of ripe pineapple. The apex of the triangle is also represented by the citrus motifs of sour grapefruit, which shimmer smoothly with the seductive shades of fragrant jasmine. At the center of the perfume pyramid is a resinous patchouli and an earthy aftertaste that goes well with the woody accords of slender white cedar. The final word is left to the intoxicating oak moss, which gives the composition a long-lasting trace. The fragrance will be a great choice to use in everyday life. It can complement the image of a positive housewife, self-confident business woman, sports champion or charming boss. It is enough to add a few drops to show others all the splendor of your taste.

The central motif of this fragrance is the usual shadow play, otherwise known as shadow puppetry, an old-fashioned type of storytelling and direction that uses flatly articulated cut-out figures (shadow dummies) held between a light source and a transparent screen or canvas. Mannequin cut states sometimes have a distinct tone or different instructions. By moving both the mannequins and the light source, different strokes can be achieved. A skilled puppeteer can make figures walk, dance, fight, gesture and laugh.

Top notes: bergamot, pineapple, grapefruit, jasmine.

Heart notes: patchouli, white cedar.

Base notes: oak moss.

Perfect for a gift.

It is recommended to spray curtains, upholstered furniture, artificial flowers, bedding, wardrobes in the car.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to the ones shown in the photos.

Name Value
Top note: Bergamot
Top note: Jasmine
Top note: Grapefruits
Perfume concentration: Aerosol
Gender: For home
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: Lattafa Perfumes
Heart note: Pineapples
Basic notes: Patchouli
Basic notes: Moss
Basic notes: Cedar
Volume: 300ml
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