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LATTAFA Perfumes⭐ is a perfume brand from the United Arab Emirates, founded in 2012 by Sheikh Shahid Ahmad.

The entrepreneur had the idea to create his own brand back in the 1980s. in 1995 He opened ⭐ Lattafa Perfumes Ind. L.L.C, which specializes in the production of personal hygiene products. ⭐ Lattafa Perfumes is a perfume brand originating from the United Arab Emirates that focuses on producing high quality luxury fragrances.

Today, it manufactures more than 35 million units of products annually under various brands and exports them to markets in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.

The first ⭐ Lattafa perfume appeared in 2012. their positioning assumed work with both eastern and western clients. Today, the brand's collection includes more than 200 compositions, which are quite diverse from a classification point of view and extraordinary according to the published note accords of perfume compositions.

Among the best-selling brands are the vanilla-wood Raghba and its rich flanker, Raghba Wood Intense, as well as the agar Pure Oudi and Khalis Musk, with rose and violet notes. In addition to personal fragrances, the company produces interior perfumes and deodorants.

It is known that all stages of production - from the development of concepts to the packaging of finished products - are carried out by the brand independently, which, among other things, allows to keep prices low and ensure very high quality.

The manufacturer carefully controls the safety of components of natural origin, the perfume is made from components beneficial to health. A lot of attention is also paid to the nature of the fragrances, their spectrum is unusually wide for women, men, unisex fragrances and allows to satisfy almost any taste. Another good news is the availability of branded products.

For many years, democratic prices have been maintained, attracting buyers of all types of income. The factory has a team of experienced designers who select individual packaging for each composition: a unique bottle shape and a visually recognizable box. Pleasant to the eye and hand, the easy-to-hold bottles hermetically preserve each molecule of the aroma, preventing uncontrolled penetration into the surrounding world.

Philos Rosso (SOSPIRO...




Philos Rosso (SOSPIRO WARDASINA Rosso Afgano) Arabic perfume

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€25.50 €30.00
LATTAFA Oud Mood arabic...


LATTAFA Oud Mood arabic home fragrance spray

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€8.60 €10.00
LATTAFA Bint Hooran Arabic...

LATTAFA Bint Hooran Arabic perfume

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