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A wide variety of Arabic aromas, in which everyone will definitely find their favorite aromas.

1. Baccarat Rouge 540 concentrated oil, 10ml. This oriental floral perfume intrigues with an unusual combination of resinous, juicy greens and an overflowing of fragrant flowers. Together, they create an incredible kaleidoscope of colors, fascinating with complex transitions and multifaceted, deep unfolding. Viscous conifers are perfectly combined with reflections of jasmine honey, luxurious saffron together with white cedar create a charming caramel accord, mesmerizing with beauty. The aroma is perfectly balanced: moderately fresh, moderately prickly, moderately sweet. A charming, extraordinary and very elegant perfume.

The main sound of the perfume is oriental floral notes. The fragrance opens with unique refined jasmine notes that caress the nose and make you dizzy. The frantic floral mood is enhanced by the sharp, delicate aftertaste of saffron.

After a while, you can feel the middle notes of golden amber and gray amber unfold, reminiscent of the hot sunny mysterious countries of the East. They give the perfume warmth, sophistication and richness. The main note of the fragrance consists of a sharp, persistent scent of spruce resin and a delicate, warm white cedar.

2. The scent of "Lattafa Velvet Oud" reveals itself with very energizing notes with oriental notes. This is a perfume that you can fall in love with at the first whiff.

"Velvet Oud" is an extremely intense aroma that surrounds cinnamon, musk and aromatic herbs.

Perfect for a strong personality.

An ideal fragrance for lovers of woody notes.

3. Lattafa Raghba. Anyone who prefers thick and sensually sweet, luxurious aromas in the best modern oriental traditions will surely love the rich, gourmand, Arabic aroma - Lattafa Raghba.

The composition, born in the very heart of the wonderful Arab Emirates, simply has to be truly impeccable, exclusive and rich, because the spirit of luxury reigns here literally at every step.

Lattafa's perfumers have done a great job on this bold unisex elixir and managed to create a truly unique and charismatic fragrance that touches the innermost strings of the unpredictable human soul.

Classic oriental sweetness, characteristic of the absolute majority of oriental fragrances. Here it sounds more intense and attractive.

A wonderful balance of perfumery accords and an interesting combination of woody and sweet accords gave birth to the celebratory fragrance Lattafa Perfumes Raghba, dedicated to the most important events in the lives of each of us.

At the center of the olfactory pyramid lies the velvety scent of vanilla, surrounded by shades of mystical musk and enhanced a hundred times by the traditional notes of sensual musk. At the center of the picture is the absolute sweetness of sugar with subtle motifs of charming cherry blossoms. This unexpected cherry accord dilutes the composition with floral tenderness and fades smoothly into an intense woody threshold. A warm, sophisticated base is built around woody, creamy notes of precious sandalwood and resinous notes of church incense.

4. Addictive Vibration. This Arabic perfume differs in mega strength, the clothes on which this perfume has been sprayed will smell even after washing!

The perfume is particularly soft, seductive, creating special attractive vibrations around the owner, attracting the attention of the opposite sex on an intuitive level. It is formulated with high-quality natural ingredients and has excellent staying power, density and richness, with a memorable, magnetic, captivating finish.

From the first to the last notes, the fragrance plunges headlong into the blissful pleasure of a spring floral extravaganza of orange and apple blossoms, decorated with precious drops of fresh wild honey, gently wrapped in a vanilla-musk trail. experience all the joys of life to the maximum.

5. Luxury and exclusivity - these two words can be used to describe the Orto Parisi Terroni (Terro Pura) perfume, which has managed to conquer many hearts of niche perfume lovers. They are unique in that they reveal themselves in a special way on the male and female body, favorably complementing the images of both sexes.

The melody of Aqua Pura is dedicated to the sea and everything related to it - the sound of waves, the unexplored depth, the mystery of sea water. The sound of the piece is extremely dynamic, according to the creator's idea, it should convey the contrast between peace and a powerful storm.

6. Orto Parisi Megamare (Aqua Pura) water blend made from seaweed, ginger, amber and moist wood. The original quartet will remind you of a walk along an old pier with salted wooden planks, will bring the breath of the iodine ocean and will surprise you with its amazing durability for several days.

In their sound, you can hear mysterious oriental notes and philosophical accents of wood, the power of which fully provides the beginning of the composition. Its heart is the prerogative of smoky notes, filling the space with an atmosphere of sensuality, waiting for something beautiful. At the top of the fragrance, resinous grassy vetiver reigns, contributing to a very fair, breathy finish

Name Value
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume Unisex
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: MARABIKA
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