Terro Pura ➔ (Orto Parisi Terroni) ➔ Arabic perfume

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"Terro Pura" (Orto Parisi Terroni) is nothing less than an anthem of luxury and exclusivity, sounding directly from your skin. It's a fragrance that is easy to fall in love with - for both men and women, as it subtly complements and enlivens each individual's essence, embodying their personal character and individuality.

"Terro Pura" presents a mysterious and vivid blend of oriental scents, like a sensory collision of worlds on your skin. This fragrance takes you to a different world where woody accents provide a unique and philosophical scent journey and become your companion throughout the day.

In the heart of the perfume, smoky notes unfold, filling the space with an atmosphere of sensuality and anticipation. These deeply imbued scents lend the composition a mystical and provocative expression, leaving a trail of intrigue and unexplained attraction behind.

At the peak of the fragrance reigns resinous and herbal vetiver, contributing to the creation of a harmonious and fresh scent amalgam. This scent opens new doors to an unlimited and inexhaustible sea of freshness, compelling us to breathe deeper and enjoy every moment.

"Terro Pura" is a fragrance creation that will refresh your day and help you discover new colors of life. It's a perfume that reveals your individuality and uniqueness, allowing you to delve into the sophistication of your personal style and essence.

Top notes: wood.

Heart notes: smoke.

Base notes: vetiver.

The perfumes sold are exactly the same as you see in the pictures.

MARABIKA perfumes are original manufacturers from the UAE and fully match the displayed images.

Name Value
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume Unisex
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Is it possible to purchase a sample?: Yes, online - 3ml sample
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Basic notes: Smoke
Basic notes: Oud
Basic notes: Vetiver
Volume: 70ml
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rima k.

2023-03-16 20:23:00

Fantastiskas kvapas, ilgai laikosi

rima k.

2023-03-16 20:21:47

Fantastiskas kvapas, ilgai islieka :)


2023-03-12 15:21:25

Pirkau Terro Pura (Orto Parisi Terroni) , kvepalai tokie kokius ir uosčiau Kristianoje. Draugė jau užsiprašė kad užsakyčiau ir jei.

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