Oud Wonder (Tom Ford Oud Wood) Arabic perfume

Base notes

Tonka bean
White fishing line


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✔️ Glorious Oud Royal Blanc

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This deep and rich aroma combines woody, spicy and aromatic accords to create a strong and sincere blend that will inspire confidence and energy. Notes of exotic agarwood (oud) and Brazilian mahogany create a powerful, rich aroma reminiscent of a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk through a dense forest. Meanwhile, notes of Szechuan pepper and cardamom provide a spicy flavor that brings joy and energy. Indian sandalwood, tonka bean, earthy sweet vetiver and golden amber further enhance the scent with its strong suggestiveness, while the sweet soft vanilla cologne adds a soothing and comforting quality.

One of the most valuable, expensive and rare ingredients is Arsenal Oud wood. It is often used to make incense that is burned in Bhutanese temples.

The exotic aroma of mahogany and cardamom smoke gives this fragrance an oud woody spice. Sandalwood and vetiver add sweetness, while tonka bean and amber envelop you in warmth and sensuality.

Top notes: wood, cardamom.

Heart notes: sandalwood, vetiver.

Base notes: tonka bean, amber.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and are exactly as shown in the photos.

Name Value
Top note Cardamom
Perfume concentration EDP
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin Dubai (UAE)
Heart note Tonka Beans
Basic notes Amber
Basic notes Ūdas
Basic notes Vetiver
Basic notes Sandalwood
Volume 80ml