Marque 172 ➔ (Xerjoff Bouquet Ideale) ➔ Arabic perfume

Oriental scent

Fragrance world

Price: 8.00 €

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Top notes: nutmeg, cinnamon.
Heart notes: sandalwood, guaiac wood, Virginia cedar, papyrus.
Base notes: musk, French labdanum, vanilla, tobacco leaves, coumarin.

This is a perfume for women belonging to the oriental, woody group. The delicate aroma pleases its owners with sweet overflows, in which gloomy shades of wood and woody smoky nuances of labdanum stand out, giving a scent of charm and depth. The balanced composition reveals a song of scented magic on the skin, woven from the exquisite scents of Mediterranean flowers and spices. the rich, balanced play of expertly composed notes is designed to turn the heads of proud beauties, to give them a stylish image with an oriental mystery, the magical charm of which men cannot resist.

MARABIKA perfumes are made by original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to those shown in the photos.

Name Value
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume for women
Collection: Marque Collection
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Basic notes: Oud
Basic notes: Cedar
Basic notes: Musk
Basic notes: Vanilla
Basic notes: Cinnamon
Basic notes: Sandalwood
Basic notes: Tobacco
Basic notes: Labdanum
Basic notes: Nutmeg
Volume: 25ml
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Žana J.

2022-09-16 18:57:36

Kvepalai patiko labai, pristatymas greitas, parduotuvė patinka.

Žana J.

2022-09-16 17:48:43

Kvepalai labai patiko.O pristatymas super greitas.Patinka šį parduotvė.


2022-08-31 16:36:35

Gavau prie užsakymo dovanų ir visiškai netikėtai atradau SAVO kvapą :) Saldūs, gan sunkūs, nėra jokio 'spiritinio' aromato. Love love love, labai viliuosi, kad turėsit ir 100ml.

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