Passion De Night (CHRISTIAN DIOR MIDNIGHT POISON) Arabic perfume

Oriental scent

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the fragrance is described as amber-woody with a strong rose note.

This is a modern floral-woody chimp fragrance based on a metamorphosis combination of wonderfully aromatic citrus, black rose and woody notes. The result is a luxurious, intoxicating perfume that perfectly emphasizes the modern approach to sensuality and sexuality.

The magical composition of the fragrance Midnight Poison is built around the "magical" smell of black rose and its combination with mysterious precious amber and woody patchouli.< /p>

The top notes are characterized by the gentle freshness of citrus fruits - warm mandarin and slightly juicier bergamot. The black rose so loved by designers dominates the heart of the fragrance. Now here is a fruity-floral melody that reveals to us the most refined shades of the modern woman's soul. the luxurious windowsill is literally enveloped in the thick warmth of amber, which brings seduction and sexuality to the composition.

Bourbon vanilla accords create that irreplaceable caramel sweetness that enhances the fragrance's sense of luxury, while mysterious Indonesian patchouli evokes mysterious forests. All these mysterious transformations resulted in a very original modern perfume, which stands out for its freshness, youth, luxury and mysticism.
- Top notes: mandarins, bergamot;
- Heart notes: roses, patchouli;
- Main notes: ambergris, vanilla.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to those shown in the photos.

Name Value
Top note Bergamot
Perfume concentration Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender Perfume for women
Country of origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer Fragrance World
Heart note Rose
Basic notes Patch
Basic notes Vanilla
Basic notes Ambra
Volume 100ml
Discount: -15%

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2022-09-05 07:58:43

Ilgai ieškojau ir pagaliau radau. Arabiška versija niekuo nesiskiria nuo originalo. Ilgai išlieka. Džiaugiuosi ir dėkoju!!!

Zita B.

2022-02-25 16:07:46

Mano mėgiamas prabangus aromatas, niekuo nesiskiriantis nuo originalo. Užsisakiau pakartotinai. Puikus aptarnavimas. Maloniai džiugina staigmenėlės - kvepalų mėginukai.

Zita. B

2022-02-12 12:17:52

Užsisakydama kvepalus dvejojau, nes maniau kad kvepalų analogas skirsis nuo originalo. Bet buvau nustebinta. Analogo aromatas atitinka originalą Ačiū Juma už malonią sraigmenėlę-dovanėlę už puikų aptarnavimą