Orchid Nero ➔ (Tom Ford Black Orchid) ➔ Arabic perfume

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"Orchid Nero" (Tom Ford Black Orchid) is a fragrance creation that tells an elegant and mysterious story in its own words. This perfume is like a hidden forest flower, only discoverable in the best hidden corner.

At the outset, you are greeted by enchanting aromatic chords, showcasing the luxury of black truffles and fragrant blackcurrants, and the freshness of ylang-ylang and bergamot. These opening tones gently lift you into the clouds, where awaits a boundless space of pleasure and times of wandering.

Continuing the fragrance journey, in the fatal heart of "Orchid Nero", two incredibly beautiful and wonderful floral scents meet. The black orchid and the lotus rule here like two great queens, whose reign and radiance are impeccable. Their magical and mysterious scent reminds of half-open beauty doors leading to a magical floral world.

But this is just the beginning. Reaching the end of the aroma, you are greeted by a path woven from patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood and balsam. This calming and transcendental scent is like a rest island where you can find peace and goodness. The gentleness it provides is like a gift, giving you the strength and courage to perform noble deeds.

"Orchid Nero" is more than a perfume, it is a fragrance poetry. This perfume allows you to experience a wonderful and magical fragrance journey, full of surprises and pleasures.

Top notes: black truffle, ylang-ylang blossoms, bergamot, black currants.

Heart notes: black orchid, black iris, black pepper, black plum, lotus wood.

Base notes: patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla drops.

MARABIKA fragrances are original UAE manufacturers and fully match the images displayed.

Name Value
Top note: Bergamot
Top note: Plums
Heart note: Pepper
Heart note: Ylang-Ylang
Heart note: Orchid
Heart note: blackcurrants
Basic notes: Oud
Basic notes: Patchouli
Basic notes: Vanilla
Basic notes: Vetiver
Basic notes: Incense
Basic notes: Sandalwood
Volume: 100ml
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2023-10-25 07:19:34

Labai patiko. Laikosi. Rekomenduoju


2022-08-29 19:51:07

Puikus kvapas, greitas aptarnavimas!;) Likau patenkinta

Rasa P.

2020-09-10 18:35:54

Labai patiko, nuo originalo skiriasi labai menkai. Ačiū už greitą aptarnavimą, perku antrą kartą ir tikrai ne paskutinį

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