Initio Psychedelic Love (Bade'e Al Oud LATTAFA Amethyst) Arabic perfume



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This is a noble perfume woven from velvety sensual notes, as if conveying a psychedelic picture of ideal love with a light romantic and nostalgic tone.

Fresh citrus notes of sharp bergamot at the beginning of the composition passionately intertwine with sensual floral tones of white ylang-ylang. flowers, in the heart of a unique laconic composition saturated with delicate floral notes of Damask rose, sweet marzipan-vanilla heliotrope and floral notes. Wood aroma hedion mask. Sexy, seductive trail of perfume, gently flowing with delicate, creamy sandalwood and sharp, smoky spicy notes of myrrh essential oil.

MARABIKA perfume is from the original UAE manufacturers and fully corresponds to the photos.

Name Value
Top note Bergamot
Perfume concentration Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Is it possible to purchase a sample? Yes, online - 3ml sample
Manufacturer Lattafa Perfumes
Heart note Rose
Heart note Ylang-Ylang
Heart note Mira
Basic notes Sandalwood
Volume 100ml

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2023-02-11 10:59:10

Jau perku ne pirmą kartą kvepalus. Super kvapai, laikosi puikiai! Malonus aptarnavimas. Ačiū. Būtinai sugrįšiu dar ne kartą?

Barbara G.

2022-09-13 23:48:27

Labai prabangus kvapas! Stipriai jaučiasi mėgstamas "odos" kvapas! Kvepalai kerintys!!! Pasipurškus norėjosi paskęsti prabangos debesyje! Tikrai pirksiu dar ne vieną buteliuką!!!

Svetlana G.

2022-08-05 19:30:32

Kvapas ne mano.daugiau tinka virams.