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After Effect (INITIO SIDE EFFECT) is a powerful fragrance, defined by mystery, passion, and sophistication. Encased in an exceptional dark violet glass container with gold details, this scent is like a work of alchemy that inspires, arouses the senses, and brings to mind notions of love, eroticism, and secrecy.

This oriental gourmand fragrance creates a special atmosphere, suitable for both women and men, wanting to adorn themselves with an exceptional appearance and individuality. The fragrance envelops the personality with a warm, attractive, hypnotizing, and confident aura, creating a unique and inimitable character.

The warm, alluring passion of high-quality tobacco notes is exceptionally subtle, yet extremely powerful. These notes are combined with the sweetness of vanilla, which provides a softness and coziness, creating an unusual and tantalizing scent symphony. These dual notes are further highlighted with nuances of aged rum and cinnamon, providing the scent with a dizzying, warm, and soothing aspect, creating an unusually warm and attractive fragrance.

After Effect (INITIO SIDE EFFECT) is a truly special fragrance that transports you to a wonderful, inexplicable world filled with passions, love, and feelings. It's a scent that both women and men can adorn, wanting to showcase their uniqueness, individuality, and independence.

Top note: Vanilla.

Heart note: Rum.

Base notes: Cinnamon, Tobacco.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to the photos.

Name Value
Perfume concentration: Extrait de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume Unisex
Collection: Long lasting perfume
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Is it possible to purchase a sample?: Yes, online - 3ml sample
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Basic notes: Vanilla
Basic notes: Cinnamon
Basic notes: Tobacco
Volume: 80ml
Perfumes Clone / Dupes
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Marco V.

2023-09-14 07:55:45

Ottimo acquisto!!

Marco V.

2023-09-14 07:53:45

Ottimo acquisto!! Molto molto simile all'originale e molto performante!

Majed P.

2023-07-04 08:48:12

first must applaud the quality service and the fast shipping, love the fragrance really long lasting over 12 hours i get plum, booze and woodsy notes not much tobacco yet but i will leave it to mature for few weeks

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