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" Roses De Mai " is not just a simple fragrance, it is a journey into the mysterious, dreamy world of roses. Imagine yourself as a sailor who is lured by the enigmatic "Wind Rose" - the compass of the heart of the sea, leading to the unknown lips of the planet. Each drop of this perfume invites you to step into the petal dance of the Queen of Roses, and each deep breath transports you to the infinity of the rose fields of Grasse, where the air seems to offer liquid honey of golden flowers.

At the beginning, your senses will be caressed by soft tones of peach and sharp green notes, like fresh morning air after a heavy summer rain. It's like a fusion of the past and the present - a deep, delicious currant sweet and sour. At the next level, your senses are overwhelmed by the grandeur of noble cedar, accentuated by exotic pepper and the depth of pink root, an olfactory magic created only by rare masters.

At the end, when your body and soul have already drowned in these symphonies of scents, your skin will be gently embraced by white musk, like the softest velvet scarf, surrounded by fresh drops of violet leaves. "Roses De Mai" is not only a fragrance, but also the poetry of life itself. Join this amazing journey and discover the true wonder of the art of scent.

Top notes: peach, green notes, black currant.

Heart notes: Turkish rose, pepper, oregano root, violet leaves.

Top notes: iris, white musk, cedar.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to the ones shown in the photos.

Name Value
Top note: Peaches
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume for women
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Heart note: Rose
Heart note: Pepper
Heart note: blackcurrants
Basic notes: Cedar
Basic notes: Musk
Volume: 100ml
Perfumes Clone / Dupes
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