Versus Versense (Versace Versense) Arabic perfume

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A wonderful, modern and rare fragrance conveys the charming sensuality of a woman. The creation of this perfume was inspired by the elements of nature. They are intended for a self-confident, vibrant and lustful woman - they evoke a sense of freedom, inner energy, the harmony of the environment and nature. Fresh, green, woody and floral scents of Mediterranean citrus, pear and olive trees.

Initially bursting with Mediterranean fruits (bergamot and green mandarin) - a fresh, optimistic aroma that is diversified by the lingering aroma of figs. Later, the citrus notes merge with the fruity aroma, the Arabian jasmine and elegantly spicy cardamom spread. Finally, the aroma of wood - sandalwood, cedar, olive - and lustrous musk envelops you.

Top notes: bergamot, green mandarin, fig, citrus.

Heart notes: jasmine, cardamom.

Main notes: sandalwood, cedars, olive trees, musk.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to those shown in the photos.

Name Value
Top note Bergamot
Top note Jasmine
Top note Lemon
Top note Oranges
Top note Figs
Top note Cardamom
Perfume concentration EDP
Gender Perfume for women
Country of origin Dubai (UAE)
Manufacturer Fragrance World
Basic notes Santal
Basic notes Cedar
Basic notes Musk
Volume 100ml


2022-12-09 10:03:34

Kvapas puikus, aptarnavimas greitas Ačiū labai, pirksime ir toliau

Mantas G.

2022-10-25 23:16:37

Puikus kvapas, labai greitas pristatymas ir maloni dovanėlė

Jolanta S.

2022-10-25 20:57:11

Kvapas tikrai puikus!