Casamorando Royale ➔ (Xerjoff Casamorati Lira) ➔ Arabic perfume

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"Casamorando Royale" (Xerjoff Casamorati Lira) - it's not just a fragrance, it's an adventure for your senses. Once sprayed with this hypnotic aroma, men will irresistibly delight in your scent and seek those unknown accords that leave an indelible trace in their hearts.

This passionate scent bewitches from the very first second, starting with a subtly refreshing harmony of fresh lavender and blood orange, the richness of which is emphasized by sweet bergamot notes. As if tuning into a marvelous symphony, your olfaction gradually discovers warm cinnamon and fragile jasmine notes that give the perfume richness and tense mysterious passion.

But that's just the beginning. "Casamorando Royale" never ceases to amaze - this fragrant extravagance gradually gives way to a refined sweet licorice note, which plays its full and tempting heart.

Finally, this amazing aroma ends with an incredibly attractive composition - a light but intoxicating harmony of powdery vanilla, tasty caramel, and matured musk, leaving a memorable, long-lasting olfactory trail.

"Casamorando Royale" - it's more than a perfume, it's a poetry of fragrances that is worth experiencing. Purchase it and open the doors to your unique world of scents.

Top notes: blood orange, bergamot, and lavender.

Heart notes: cinnamon, licorice, and jasmine.

Base notes: caramel, vanilla, and musk.

The perfume sold is exactly as you see in the pictures.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully match the images shown.

Name Value
Top note: Bergamot
Top note: Jasmine
Top note: Lavender
Top note: Oranges
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume for women
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Basic notes: Musk
Basic notes: Vanilla
Basic notes: Cinnamon
Basic notes: Caramel
Volume: 100ml
Perfumes Clone / Dupes
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