Khadlaj Hareem Al Sultan gold oil Arabic perfume

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A beautiful, feminine fragrance.

This perfume is like a precious diamond, with which the Sultan decorated the body of his most beloved wife. It is self-contained, sophisticated, charming and very feminine.

Once you fall into the arms of the fragrance, you want to inhale it again and again, drowning in the sweet bliss of pleasure.

"HAREEM AL SULTAN GOLD" plays in various fruity and floral notes. In them you will hear a bright bouquet of gardenia, magnolia, jasmine, which in the heart turns into juicy sweetness of peach and mandarin.

In the enchanting cloud of this feminine scent, you will be unforgettable.

The royal elegant gilded bottle hides from the world a floral-fruity aroma reminiscent of seductive pleasure, decorated with fresh berries and fruits.

Juicy tangerines, sweet peaches, black currants, raspberries, passion fruit shimmer in the initial notes. The sweet cocktail is refreshed by hints of bergamot.

The flowers in the heart smell of intoxicating magnolias, jasmines, lilies, freesias, gardenias.

A subtle trail woven from vanilla, amber, warm musk and sweet sandalwood.< /p>

The aroma entices and does not leave you indifferent.

Fresh sweetness passes into a warm vanilla-floral base.

A very seductive aroma.

Long-lasting and smooth.

MARABIKA perfume is from the original UAE manufacturers and fully corresponds to the photos.

Name Value
Top note Jasmine
Top note Oranges
Top note Peaches
Top note Raspberries
Perfume concentration Oil perfume
Gender Perfume for women
Country of origin Dubai (UAE)
Manufacturer Al Haramain
Heart note Lily
Heart note blackcurrants
Heart note Magnolias
Basic notes Amber
Basic notes Musk
Basic notes Vanilla
Basic notes Sandalwood
Volume 35ml