Casamorando Ideal Women (Xerjoff Casamorati Bouquet Ideale) Arabic perfume



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Top notes: nutmeg, cinnamon.

Middle notes: sandalwood, guaiac wood, Virginia cedar, papyrus.

Base notes: musk, French labdanum, vanilla, tobacco leaves, coumarin.

This is a perfume for women belonging to the oriental, woody group. The delicate fragrance delights its owners with sweet overflows, in which gloomy shades of wood and woody smoky nuances of labdanum stand out, giving a scent of charm and depth. The balanced composition reveals a song of scented magic on the skin, woven from the exquisite scents of Mediterranean flowers and spices. The bright, balanced play of expertly composed notes is designed to turn the heads of proud beauties, to give their stylish image an oriental mystery, the magical charm of which men cannot resist.

The perfume for sale is exactly the same as you see in the pictures.

Name Value
Perfume concentration EDP
Gender Perfume for women
Country of origin Dubai (UAE)
Manufacturer Fragrance World
Basic notes Sandalwood
Basic notes Tobacco
Basic notes Labdanum
Basic notes Nutmeg
Basic notes Ūdas
Basic notes Cedar
Basic notes Musk
Basic notes Vanilla
Basic notes Cinnamon
Volume 100ml

Rasma M.

2023-02-18 08:51:40

Kvapas nuostabus saldus sušildantis, o buteliukas kokio gražumo, greitas atvežimas, rinksiuosi dar kartą šią parduotuvę.


2023-02-18 08:47:21

Nuostabus kvapas ir buteliuko dizainas gražus, kvapas saldus sušildantis žiemą. Pristatymas greitas, ačiū už dovanėlę. Rekomenduoju šia parduotuvę. Pirksiu dar kartą.


2023-02-18 08:12:18

Kvapas nuostabus, saldus tinkamas žiemai, kokybė gera, kaina prieinama, Pristatymas greitas. Ačiū už staigmena saldžią. Rekomenduoju, pirksiu dar ir dar.?