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1. Portrait of lady perfumed perfume oil

The aroma of Portrait of Lady is dominated by the aroma of roses surrounded by warm layers of spices. It is a modern rendering of a classical rose and spice aroma that varies between oriental and chypre fragrance themes.

Modern, elegant, expressive composition breathes mystical, deep, rich. In the aroma, together with roses, the scents of patchouli and incense are prominent.

Top notes: cloves, cinnamon, roses, black currants, raspberries;

Heart notes: sandalwood, patchouli, incense;

Main notes: benzoin, ambergris, musk.

2. Baccarat rouge 540 extrait de parfum (Barakkat rouge 540 extrait de parfum) EDP, 50ml.

The aroma stands out for its special elegance, persistence and richness, and in the cold season it sounds great, as if warming the owner with luxurious, sultry accords. Floral shades are perfectly combined with expensive oriental motifs, so you can enjoy the pure art of perfumery. The perfume belongs to the unisex category, so it is equally appreciated by successful, charming, charismatic gentlemen and economical, intelligent and noble representatives of the fair sex.

Perfume group: floral, Arabic.

Top notes: bitter almond, saffron.

Heart notes: cedar, Egyptian jasmine.

Base notes: musk, amber, wood.

3. Initio Musk Therapy (Glorious Oud Royal Blanc) Arabic version of the fragrance for women and men,, Extrait de parfum, 5ml.

According to the latest scientific research, the right fragrance can not only add confidence , but also to treat. It is this aroma that is the new therapy.

Immerse yourself in the warm milky-creamy rivers of white and pink musk, swaying on the waves of pleasure and settling the doubt-weary soul. Further caressing touches of warm lactonic sandalwood relax every cell of the body, filling with the strong energy of the forest spirit and inner peace. Fresh, vanilla-lemon magnolia with a light touch of silk on the petals opens up the inner reserves, fills the soul with faith in the best and removes everything bad, leaving it pure, unaffected by negative subconscious emotions. The complex effect of aromatic elements saves from sadness, becomes a healer of heart wounds, opening to harsh, but sincere and categorical black currant.

Returning to the beginning of this aroma, the first grateful listeners are a citrus duet full of optimism and faith in miracles - mandarin and bergamot. A living pyramid, filled with shapes and volumes, plays on the skin for a long time with the hedeon molecule's growth, fixing and amplifying the sound of the composition.

4. Arabic version of Initio Side Effect (After Effect) aroma for women and men, Extrait de Parfum, 5ml.

A real storm of passions, lights a thousand lights and creates an aura of love, sensuality and romance.

The perfume belongs to the family of oriental gourmand fragrances. It will perfectly decorate any evening feminine and masculine look, enveloping its owner in an attractive, warm, hypnotic and confident aromatic breath.

Warm, seductive notes of elite tobacco are delicately combined with pleasant, cozy accents of vanilla aroma. This excellent tandem is surrounded by intoxicating nuances of bitter aged rum with cinnamon.

5. Arabic version of Xerjoff Accent Overdose (Accent Overpower) aroma for women and men, EDP, 5ml.

This incomparable unisex aroma is chosen only by those who are not afraid to overdose on real sensuality, sweetness and romance, hidden in a charming golden bottle with a perfume elixir . The fragrance has once again outdone itself with this stunning floral novelty, bursting with the penetrating freshness of summer greenery and a sense of unlimited freedom. The perfumers once again distinguished themselves by their originality and added a revolutionary new note molecule to the perfume pyramid, which can fully highlight the sense of smell and gently emphasize the exquisite floral-fruity aroma.

The perfume opens with a magical aromatic cocktail of fruit accords and penetrating fresh notes of young meadow greens. . A cold perfume symphony Top notes: contrast sharply with the enveloping warmth of the luxurious floral heart, where endless plantations of Egyptian honey jasmine and Bulgarian roses stretch, their velvety petals unfurling like a fairy cloud at each center of a vast olfactory pyramid.

The spring aroma of a trembling hill. fills the picture with bright colors of carefree youth and childish spontaneity. A dense cloud of spearmint excites the mind with its aristocratic nobility of pine forest chords and mysterious scents of eucalyptus grove.

6. Arabic version of Maison Grand Soir (Barakkat Ambre Eve) fragrance, EDP, 5ml.

The owner of this fragrance penetrates with thoughts and feelings into a wonderful space of wonders.

The glitter of the lights of Paris at night, the mysterious energy of the attraction of its streets and a romantic rendezvous after a gala evening - all this is in this oriental woody fragrance .

The atmosphere of mystery and romance is felt in balsamic, slightly smoky and spicy accents with fresh shades of green grass announcing the approaching morning. Meanwhile, the night lasts incredibly long and will be remembered with the scents of vanilla, labdanum, Siamese benzoin, amber, sweet-bitter-smoky tonka bean notes.

Base notes: amber, tonka bean, vanilla, labdanum, Siamese benzoin.

7. AMOUAGE Bracken Men (Abraaj Brackish) Arabic version of the fragrance for men, EDP, 5ml.

The fragrance for men is presented as a soft, mysterious and masculine fragrance, it belongs to the chypre-wood fragrance group.

Perfume begins with deep notes of coniferous forest cypress, which, like a Christmas tree, is decorated with attractive, cheerful accords of bergamot, lemon and nutmeg.

The fragrance is given sophistication and romance by the fresh, charming aroma of lavender, which creates a kind of contrast between the opening accords and sweet heart. Peace and harmony reign in the heart of the fragrance. It is these qualities that characterize men who are confident, brave and know their worth. Here, the woody accords of cedar and sandalwood are in a harmonious union, surrounded by the warmth and comfort of spicy cinnamon accents and the bitterness of rich geraniums, which are like sweet nuances. proof of high intelligence.

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Name Value
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: MARABIKA
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