African LUXE (AFRICAN LEATHER) Arabic perfume

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African Leather perfume is dedicated to the African savannah, a corner of nature untouched by humans. Spices, floral notes, vetiver, animal skin convey a lively, exotic image of an African safari.
African leather aroma reveals a spicy accord dominated by cardamom. The leather in this composition sounds intimate and refined, it is almost not felt through the dominance of flowers and spices. The base notes are patchouli, wild vetiver, musk, and musk, all of which create an exotic smoky cloud. The aroma is very pleasant, interesting and unique.

Top notes: bergamot, vetiver, geranium

Heart notes: cardamom, leather, musk, patchouli

Base notes: cumin, oud, saffron

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to those shown in the photos.

Name Value
Perfume concentration Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Is it possible to purchase a sample? Yes, online - 3ml sample
Manufacturer Fragrance World
Volume 80ml
Discount: -15%

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2022-09-21 09:39:48

Tobulas kvapas, iš pradžių atrodė per aštrūs bet reikia neskubėti teisti

Rima S.

2022-05-21 20:24:52

Vienas is mylimiausiu kvapu ♥ Turiu jau trecia buteliuka ir planuoju pirkti dar viena,kai sunaudosiu turimus kvepalus ♥


2021-05-12 09:58:18

Labai patiko. Išskirtinis kvapas. Laikosi labai ilgai. Originalo neesu uosčiusi, tad negaliu pasakyti ar kvapas atitinka.