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"Duro" is a powerful, bold, and provocative scent from Nasomatto, created to convey an expressive and vivid image of a youthful gentleman. This fragrance is eccentric and challenging, yet simultaneously possesses subtlety and magic that command admiration.

The fragrance composition is quite simple but very effective. The main notes are wood, revealing a thrilling sensation of sharp and enticing spices, while the warm tones of leather give the fragrance vitality and intensity. These notes create a proud and rebellious character, which seems inspired by the wild nature, but at the same time is very appealing and memorable.

"Duro" is not only about strength and courage, but also about attractiveness and sexuality. Its complex and tense scent can draw you into its world from the first sniff, offering a deep and persistent experience. It arouses the senses, ignites passion, and captivates the mind.

This scent is an ideal choice for men who want distinctiveness and bold expression. It's more than just a fragrance, it's a statement and a way of life. While "Duro" may be inspired by the wild nature, at its heart lies a magnetic attraction that can be unleashed at any moment, pushing beyond boundaries and revealing its true potential.

Top notes: wood.

Heart notes: leather.

Base notes: spices.

MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to the images shown.

Name Value
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume for men
Country of origin: 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer: Fragrance World (FW)
Heart note: Spices
Basic notes: Leather
Basic notes: Oud
Volume: 60ml
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2023-01-13 16:11:24

Man labiau patiko, nei Black Afgano. Sakyčiau turi daugiau tokio ne įkyraus saldumo. Pristatymas greitas. Ačiū !!!

Edita T.

2021-12-05 22:42:45

Perku ne pirmą kartą iš čia kvepalus. Šiandien praeidama pro išskalbtus drabužius užuodžiau labai malonius vyriškus kvepalūs ,pagalvojau trbt Black Afgano vyro ,pradėjau uostinėt bteliuką pasirodo tai šie Duro. Prasžioje gal būt jie aštroki,bet pasipurškus ir palaukus kelias minutes kvapas sušvelnėja ir tikrai labai ilgai laikosi,net išskalbus drabužius. Black afgano daug aštresni,šie patiko labiau,jie švelnesni ir kvapas daug ilgiau laiko.

Lina K.

2021-07-12 21:07:01

Perku jau antrą buteliuką dovanų, kažkas tobulo ir su niekuo nesumaišoma

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