BLACK AFGANO (Nasomatto Black Afgano) Arabic perfume

  • EDP

  • Perfume Unisex

  • Fragrance World

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • 60ml




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Black Afgano - The purpose of the aroma is to awaken the highest quality hashish. The result of the quests is to induce a temporary bliss effect. Composition - hemp, resin, wood, coffee, tobacco, incense, incense.

This intoxicating perfume is intended for both women and men, with a warm aroma, a deep and strong energy that reveals the best feelings of human nature among all sides. It is named after a well-known drug. This fragrance combines hypnotic notes of flowers and psychedelic herbs. This fragrance is designed to give the image of its owners imperativeness, passion, exciting power and allure, thanks to the wonderful harmony of sensual and open components of an unsurpassed perfume composition. It seems that the owner is transported to a distant hot desert, where the sand dunes remind of recent storms and the sun beats down mercilessly. And here is the long-awaited oasis that intoxicates and intoxicates - Black Afghan. Exciting and spicy, it gives a feeling of carefree bliss.

Top notes: Cannabis

Heart notes: Wood, Coffee, Resin, Tobacco Base notes: Agarwood, Incense

< strong>MARABIKA perfumes are original UAE manufacturers and fully correspond to those shown in the photos.

Name Value
Perfume concentration EDP
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Manufacturer Fragrance World
Volume 60ml


2022-12-07 17:07:40

Labai nuostabus kvapas ir kas svarbiausia ilgai laikosi.Super greitas pristatymas.Užsisakiau jau antrus kvepalus ir tikrai nepaskutinius.Ačiū jums ir sėkmės.


2022-04-21 09:15:10

Nuostabus kvapas ir laiko labai ilgai.Labai patenkinta jūsų prekėmis,pristatymas žaibiškas.Ačiū jums,sėkmės.


2022-04-06 07:44:19

Kvapas toks sodrus ir gilus,tiesiog užburiantis. Pirkau tik pagal aprašymą.nes esu stipresnių ir saldesnių kvapų mėgėja.Šį kvapą įsimyli iškart arba pradedi jo nekęst.Aš įsimylėjau!