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Vertus Eau De Cyan is a refreshing water perfume ideal for men and women looking for the perfect everyday fragrance to express their personality. The French perfumer Vertus has always been known for his unique and charismatic fragrances, blending contrasting and sometimes seemingly incompatible notes to reach the human ear.

This pure and utterly natural fragrance is dedicated to the sincere and boundless love of the sea, to the admiration of its mighty and overwhelming power, and to the tenderness of a warm sea breeze as it touches the warmth of the skin.

The fragrance evokes the fantasy of a romantic walk along the seaside as the sunset approaches and the sea takes on warm pastel colors. The quiet lapping of the waves and the rustle of the windblown sand create a special intimacy that only lovers can understand, and the perfume enhances this magical effect.

At the apex of the triangle shines the majestic cypress, whose woody scent harmonizes perfectly with the lush greenery of galbanum and sage.

The water accord continues in the heart of the fragrance, intertwining with the saltiness of seaweed and the sweetness of floral jasmine.

The cozy and elegant notes of gardenia further soften the scent, while the noble moisture of forest moss makes it more expressive. The precious scent of Eau de Chien ends with a thick, resinous fog of patchouli petals adorned with a sensual amber-musk thread.

Name Value
Top note: Jasmine
Top note: Sage
Top note: Sea
Perfume concentration: Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender: Perfume Unisex
Country of origin: 🇫🇷 France
Manufacturer: Vertus Perfume
Basic notes: Amber
Basic notes: Patchouli
Basic notes: Musk
Basic notes: Moss
Volume: 100ml
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