Vertus Rose Prive

  • EDP

  • Perfume Unisex

  • Vertus Perfume Niche Paris

  • France

  • 100ml

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Vertus Rose Prive is a bright and versatile chypre-floral perfume that belongs to the unisex group. The composition fascinates with various motifs of flowers, spices, fruits and wood, in the center of which the royal velvet rose stands out. It is surrounded by an alluring savory halo, as if inviting you to a magical oriental fairy tale.

Juicy and appetizing aromatic pyramids Initial notes: it sounds like a fruit plate of melon, lemon and apple, seasoned with ginger juice and precious saffron.

The sensual and rich "heart" of the perfume shimmers in various aspects and shades. These are notes of jasmine, delicate iris, refined lilies, against which the rose sounds particularly bright and deep. There is also a motif of cedar and precious Kashmiri wood and smoky-spicy patchouli.

The luxurious aroma ends with sweet notes of raspberry and vanilla, woody accents of guaiac and sandalwood, sensual waves of musk and benzoin.

Vertus Rose Prive creates an idyllic image of a beautiful oriental garden with lush flower meadows and fruit trees.

Name Value
Perfume concentration EDP
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin France
Manufacturer Vertus Perfume Niche Paris
Volume 100ml