Vertus Sole Patchouli


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Sole Patchouli is a unique wood-aromatic unisex perfume, released in 2017 under the brand name of the French niche perfume house Vertus Paris.

The fragrance is a modern sensual interpretation of precious patchouli with its extraordinary sound. They create a charming and hypnotic aura around their wearer.

Since the fragrance is dedicated to patchouli, the warm, slightly earthy spice of this aromatic ingredient permeates the entire composition.

In the middle chord, it combines with lush greenery. aroma and silky powdery iris scent.

In the heart of the composition it sounds more spicy with honey and quivering mimosa chords.

The main notes are an even more resinous patchouli aroma, which combines with animalistic accents of civet and unexpectedly complemented by mildly sweet accents.

Name Value
Perfume concentration Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Gender Perfume Unisex
Country of origin France
Manufacturer Vertus Perfume
Basic notes Patch
Basic notes Musk
Volume 100ml
Discount: -15%

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